Manitoba Business Investment Stream – Entrepreneur Pathway

Business people from around the world with the intent and ability to move to Manitoba can immigrate through investment. Entrepreneur Pathway of Manitoba Business Investor Stream allows foreign entrepreneurs to establish, purchase a business or become partners in an existing business. The investment must be made within the first two (2) years of arrival in Canada on a temporary work permit.

Requirements for an Investor

Net Worth

An investor must have a minimum of $500,000 CAD of personal net worth. A verification report prepared by a third-party supplier approved by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) will be required if an invitation is received.

Business Experience

Minimum of three (3) years of full-time work experience in the past five years either as an active business owner or working in a senior management role of a successful business. Business owners must have at least 33 1/3% ownership to qualify for points.

Official Languages Proficiency

Minimum CLB/NCLC 5.


Minimum Canadian high school certificate equivalent .


No minimum or maximum age; however, ranking points are allocated to candidates 25 to 49 years of age.

Requirements for Investment and Business in Manitoba

Minimum investment amount in an eligible business:

$250,000 CAD for businesses situated in the Manitoba Capital Region. This includes 16 municipalities: the City of Winnipeg, the City of Selkirk; the Town of Stonewall; and the Rural Municipalities of Cartier, East St. Paul, Headingley, Macdonald, Ritchot, Rockwood, Rosser, St. Andrews, St. Clements, St. Francois-Xavier, Springfield, Taché, and West St. Paul.
$150,000 CAD if a business is situated outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.

Job creation

The proposed business must create or maintain at least one (1) job for a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident in Manitoba. If a business was purchased, a job must be maintained. It excludes jobs created for owners and their close relatives.

Exploratory Visit

The investor must make at least one (1) business research visit in Manitoba for the purpose of conducting extensive research on business investment or proposal. It must be conducted no more than one (1) year before the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI). It will help to prepare a business plan that is an integral part of business immigration.

Business Performance Agreement

A Business Performance Agreement (BPA) must be signed between the investor and the MPNP before it issues a letter of support for applying for a work permit.

Points Grid for Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Entrepreneur Pathway

Age (max 10)

Under 25 – 0
25 to 30 – 4
31 to 35 – 6
36 to 45 – 10
46 – 8
47 – 6
48 – 4
49 – 2
Over 50 – 0

Education (max 10)

Post-secondary degree or diploma – two-year program – 4
Post-secondary degree or diploma – three-year program or longer – 6
Master’s degree or equivalent – 8
University degree at a Doctoral (PhD) level – 10
None of the above – 0

Business Experience (max 30)

11 years or more as a business owner – 30
7 to 10 years as a business owner – 25
3 to 6 years as a business owner – 20
7 years or more as a senior manager – 10
3 to 6 years as a senior manager – 5

Official Language Proficiency (max 25)

CLB/NCLC 5 – 10
CLB/NCLC 6 – 15
CLB/NCLC 7 – 20
CLB/NCLC 8 or higher – 25

Total Net Worth (max 10)

$500,000 to $1 Million – 5
Above $1Million to $1.5 Million – 6
Above $1.5 Million to $2 Million – 7
Above $2 Million to $2.5 Million – 8
Above $2.5 Million to $3 Million – 9
Above $3 Million – 10

Investment Amount Exceeding Minimum Required (max 15)

$200,000 – $499,999 – 10
$500,000 – $899,000 – 12
$900,000 or above -15
None of the above – 0

Economic Priorities (max 5)

Export-oriented value-added active business with recurring activities in Manitoba – 5 , or
Business location or succession outside Manitoba Capital Region – 5
None of the above – 0

Business Research Visit to Manitoba (max 20)

You have visited Manitoba for at least five consecutive days and conducted relevant business – 10 , or
You have completed an extended Business Research Visit to Manitoba (You visited Manitoba for at least for 10 consecutive days and conducted extensive relevant business and lifestyle-related research during this visit) – 20
None of the above – 0

Adaptability (max 25)

Your spouse/common-law partner has CLB/NCLC 5 or above – 10
You or your spouse/common-law partner has CLB/NCLC 5 or above in Canada’s Second Official Language – 10
You have a close relative currently residing in Manitoba for more than one year – 5
Your child is enrolled in an accredited Manitoba educational institution at least six months prior to the date of submission of EOI and is actively pursuing academic, professional or vocational training on a full-time basis – 5
You or your accompanying spouse/common-law partner have completed a program of full-time study for at least one year at a post-secondary institution in Manitoba. You or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner must have done this after you turned 18 years old and with a valid study permit; and/or You or your accompanying spouse/common-law partner have completed at least six months of continuous full-time employment in Manitoba – 5


#1 – Submission of the Expression of Interest (EOI) to the MPNP

#2 – Receive an invitation to apply (LAA) and submission of a complete application

#3 – Assessment of an application by MPNP

#4 – Establishment of a business in Manitoba and fulfilling the Business Performance Agreement

#5 – Final recommendation by MPNP

Ineligible Businesses

The following types of businesses are not eligible as Investments:

Businesses operated primarily for the purpose of deriving passive income such as rent, interest, dividends or capital gains;
Immigration-linked investment schemes;
Businesses established or purchased by the current owner within the previous five years from the date of signing of your Purchase Agreement;
Businesses, which include a share redemption or buy-back option.
Home-based businesses;
Real estate investments;
All rental or leasing businesses including vehicle rental or leasing businesses;
Self-employed truck drivers/owner-operators who do not own and/or manage their own dispatching, loading and storage facility;
Pay-day lending, cheque cashing or money changing businesses;
Businesses providing financial intermediation or money market products or services, including mortgage brokerages;
Pass-through import-export businesses;
Property management;
Bed and Breakfast;
Cash machine businesses;
Lottery kiosks;
Taxicab or limousine licenses;
A business located in a multi-business retail condo/location/project or business incubator that is not completed/operational, and/or is targeted or dependent on investment or business operations by MPNP entrepreneurs for the development, completion or ongoing operation of the project;
Farm businesses, including a hobby farm; or
Business offering self-employed professional services such as representation, consulting, brokerage, accounting, moving, trade services, etc.; and
Any type of business that by association would tend to bring the Program or Manitoba into disrepute.

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