CPTPP Work Permits for Canada

The CPTPP was put into effect on December 30th, 2018, and it facilitates the temporary entry of various categories of business persons into Canada. These individuals consist of business persons who hold citizenships in other countries that are signatories to the Canadian CPTPP.

This agreement was established between Canada and ten other countries that belong to the Asia-Pacific region, namely:

1. Australia

2. Brunei

3. Chile

4. Japan

5. Malaysia

6. Mexico

7. New Zealand

8. Peru

9. Singapore

10. Vietnam

Once this agreement is fully implemented, the eleven country trade bloc will constitute 495 million consumers and approximately 13.5% of the global GDP. In other words, Canada will have preferential access to all the key markets in Latin America and Asia.

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

The CPTPP allows temporary entry to the four categories of business persons including:

  • Business visitors
  • Investors
  • Intra-corporate transferees
  • Professionals and technicians

Business visitors can apply for a CPTPP at the Canadian port of entry (POE) only if the applicants already have an electronic travel authorization or valid visa. Applicants who may be applying as business visitors and are required to obtain visas should do so at the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offices in their country of residence.

Canada Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit for Citizens of Australia, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand

This category of intra-corporate transferees comprises of business persons who are employed by an organization in the territory of a party and may be planning to render services to any of the following of said organization:

  • An affiliate
  • A subsidiary
  • The Parent Entity

The organization mentioned above should be in Canada and their respective business persons should be employed as any one of the following:

  • Management trainees employed for professional development
  • A specialist
  • A manager
  • An executive

Prerequisite for CPTPP Canada Work Permits

Each intra-corporate transferred needs to meet the following conditions:

  • They should be transferred to an organization in Canada (that is the affiliate, subsidiary or parent entity of the organization)
  • They should be employed by an organization of or a partner of a company of a CPTPP signatory for at least one year in the previous three years (of the time the application was submitted)
  • They should be citizens of a CPTPP country and employed by an organization in this (or another) CPTPP country
  • They should be citizens of a CPTPP signatory

Important Note: Permanent residents of New Zealand and Australia could also qualify under this particular category.

In addition to the above mentioned prerequisites, the business person should be hired as one of the following (in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand):

  • Managers
  • Specialists
  • Executives

Learn more and complete a free eligibility assessment form for Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit.

CPTPP Investor Work Permits

For investors, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has made provisions for applicants who:

  • Are in an executive or supervisory role or a particular role that requires essential skills
  • Will administer, develop or establish an investment since their enterprise or the business person themselves have committed to it or are in the process of committing a substantial part of their capital
  • Are citizens of Vietnam, Mexico, Japan or Australia

Investors may browse through the North American Free Trade Agreement for procedures and instructions of the assessment of ‘substantial part of capital’ or the definitions of essential skills, executives or supervisors.

Important Note: Permanent Australian residents can also qualify for this category.

Length of Stay



The length of stay under this provision is one year. However, extensions are possible at the discretion of the officer and if the applicant can provide documentation that suffices the need for the extension. For more information, you can refer to the Extension of Work Permits Issued Under the CPTPP.

Learn more about eligibility requirements for Investor Work Permit.

Canada Work Permits for CPTPP Professionals and Technicians

The CPTPP agreement also consists of possibilities for temporary entry of technicians and professionals. These provisions include a specific list of occupations that may be permitted under each category. However, these specifications can vary country to country.

The applications for this category should be made within Canada, at a Canadian mission abroad or at a Canadian port of entry (POE).

General Prerequisites for Professionals and Technicians

To fall under this category, professionals and technicians should:

  • Be remunerated at a similar level according to their previous region. The remunerations shouldn’t include non-monetary benefits, such as travel expenses or housing costs.
  • Present documentation for their occupation, destination, details of position and their alternative credentials including educational qualifications.

After fulfilling these prerequisites, both technicians and professionals should have a practical and/or theoretical application of specialized knowledge or any of the following:

  • If their occupation is regulated in their previous region, certification or licensing evidence must be presented from a foreign or Canadian regulatory body
  • If their occupation is not regulated, evidence of education or specialty in the occupation should be presented – both theoretical (education) and practical (experience wise).

Important Note: Information regarding which occupations are regulated at the territorial or provincial level can be browsed through online at the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials or Government of Canada’s Job Bank.

Specific Prerequisites for Professionals

  • Paid work experience for a minimum of two years within the sector of industry mentioned in the contract
  • A post-secondary degree that was awarded after four or more years of study (unless the county-specific occupation list has an additional requirement for their National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Specific Prerequisites for Technicians

  • Paid work experience for a minimum of four years within the sector of industry mentioned in the contract
  • A technical or post-secondary degree that was awarded after two or more years of study (unless the country-specific occupation list has an additional requirement for their National Occupation Classification (NOC).

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